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Slider Windows

A very popular style in many areas of the country, Double Slider windows feature two operable sash that both move from side to side. Sash move easily on integrated roller systems. Where the sash meet vertically in the middle of the window, the stile interlocks around weatherstripping to prevent drafts.

  • Product for remodeling applications.
  • Operating unit with both sash opening and closing from side to side.
  • Beveled frame design replicates the appearance of traditional wood.
  • Frames and sash are welded at mitered corners for maximum strength.
  • Vinyl profiles have hollow chambers that add strength and act as small insulating pockets for enhanced thermal performance.
  • Insulating glass unit is 3/4” and features standard Low-E coating with Argon gas.
  • U-channel spacer enhances energy efficiency by forcing temperature currents to travel in an indirect path – weakening their strength.
  • Sash glide smoothly on corrosion-resistant nylon rollers and a multi-stepped vinyl insert.
  • Meeting stile has an interlocking design to secure sash tightly together around weatherstripping.
  • Multiple lines of high-density weatherstripping surround each sash reduces drafts.
  • Pull stiles are integrated into the sash and will not loosen or break off over time.
Slider Windows

Slider Windows Replacement in Atlanta

Slider Windows Replacement in Atlanta

Slider windows are quite common in contemporary style homes and apartments, and is preferred by a large population of people in Atlanta. Depending on your ventilation and lighting needs, you can pick sliding windows, also known as sliders, for your home. Sliding windows are much bigger than double-hung windows and offer a natural view of your outdoors. They have a convenient operating system, which means it gets closed tightly and firmly. But it should be noted that not all slider windows are created equal in size, which increases the potential air leakage. We, at Revamp offer sliding window track replacement as well as new sliding windows at your affordability. We create windows frames with zero cavity to avoid air seepage.

When you choose Revamp for your window replacement services, you get high-efficiency glass and quality frame material. We provide topnotch sliding windows with unobstructed views, optimal ventilation and low maintenance, which makes us the best in Atlanta. Our range of sliding windows operates smoothly and enhance the beauty of your home and deliver performance at the same time. So, don’t search any further and contact us to get the best of the finest deals on a variety of sliding options.


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