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Home Improvement Services in Atlanta, GA & Charlotte, NC

The homes we live in are concrete structures that remain exposed to wear and tear, owing to adverse weather conditions and ravages of time. Hence, they tend to require upgrades and restoration. The changes in your lifestyle necessitate remodeling, renovation, and repair. If you want to make your home the best place to live in, turn to trusted and certified experts for top-notch home improvement services. Revamp LLC has developed a reputation for being the best choice for home remodeling services in Atlanta. Our tailored work can alter the entire look of your home. Whether you need a robust roof, attractive siding, best-designed windows, bathroom remodel the finest attic insulation, or gutter repairs, we cover all. 

Home Improvement Services in Atlanta, GA & Charlotte, NC
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Benefits of Home Improvement Services

Our home improvement services are recognized as the one among the most trusted in Atlanta because we handle comprehensive remodeling and replacement services at competitive prices. If you need repair or wish to change the entire look of your home, our renovation experts are happy to help. We have proficiency in protecting your indoors as well as making your home look noteworthy from outdoors. We can make the whole process of upgrade and fresh installation effortless without causing much mess so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

You might want to conduct renovation and maintenance of your home yourself, but it is not feasible every time; hence it is advisable to hire a professional to undertake the process. Home improvement carried by professionals will lead to better outcomes, longevity and assurance for lifetime while keeping the safety aspects upright. When you follow the DIY approach, one major problem will be in obtaining legal permits. Also, not all major maintenance and renovation work could be carried out by self. You will solely be responsible for damages and accidents while performing the task.

Our Home Improvement Services Include:

  • Low Renovation Cost: Professionals can complete home renovation tasks quickly and save a lot of money as they own the equipment required, and there will be zero wastage of materials.
  • Licensed And Insured: A professional home remodeler is licensed and bonded to protect you and your home, so there will be fewer chances of accidents and catastrophes. Also, there will be no need to obtain any license to carry out work.
  • Better Workmanship: You will be benefited with their skills which are developed through years of experience in this field. They will provide comparatively high-quality work than the work attempted by an inexpert.
  • On-time Completion: A professional home improvement service provider will make sure that the renovation task is appropriately finished on time within your budget.



Flooring is our Strength – we can customize, the size, shape, design, material & color of any size, any combination & any color. The careful development of the sophisticated and resource-conserving product construction together with the attractive optics stands for a contemporary design. The highlight of ‘Customized Flooring’ is that, let it be any kind of wood from our product variants, we will make the customization as per your choice.

Are you looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home’s flooring? Look no further than REVAMP Home Improvement! Our team of expert installers specializes in hardwood and LVP flooring installation, using only the highest quality materials and providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

With hardwood and LVP flooring, you’ll enjoy easy maintenance, resistance to scratches and stains, and a significant increase in your home’s overall value. At REVAMP Home Improvement, we understand the importance of a flooring upgrade and the impact it can have on your daily life and the value of your property.

We take pride in our years of experience in the home improvement industry and our commitment to providing customized solutions for each client. Our team of professionals will work with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final installation, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the result.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your home’s flooring. Choose REVAMP Home Improvement and experience the best in hardwood and LVP flooring installation. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our flooring experts, and take the first step in improving your home.


Windows Replacement and Installation

Windows add value to the overall appearance of the property. Whether you want to alter the look of your home and save energy bills, we can do it efficiently and guide you on choosing the best.


When we talk about windows, it is more than glazing. Windows provide natural light into your rooms and let in fresh air to keep it dry. Your selection of windows highly defines your style, whether it is traditional or contemporary. You can customize any type of window according to the aspect of your house and changing needs. In today’s world, it’s all about energy conservation! But we don’t just stop there. At REVAMP we deliver the goods, quality, best in class warranty & a company you can believe in for service & installation of your new windows. We deliver beauty. With a one-day window replacement, you can expect your home to begin to look as new! You can expect savings on your power bill! You can expect compliments! All backed by an industry elite Lifetime Guarantee! We are greater Atlanta’s premier window supplier. When you think about a window replacement, you think REVAMP.

Nowadays, with the advancement in time and technology, it’s challenging to meet the requirements and preferences of clients. So, to keep up with the pace, we use high-end technologies that boost the productivity of any space. We are efficient in measuring and estimating any exteriors & interiors to design home improvement products. We craft our products by using the latest developments in UV protection and heat gain reduction process, which proves beneficial during summers. Our windows contain 11 microscopic layers of selective metal coatings that filter out excessive ultraviolet rays to get inside your rooms and allows desirable natural light. We aim to apply next-generation technology to improve the overall design and comfort of the house at a highly reasonable price.


Roofing Installation and Replacement

Roofing Insulation Services In Atlanta, GA

Nothing protects the investment in your home like a robust roof. It adds lifetime value to your home and shelters it from external conditions. It’s indeed your cap of protection! Protect your home with a high-quality roofing material. Roofs do a lot more than just protecting a house. It also enhances the overall look of a house. REVAMP should be the first choice in this regard. Our proficient experts are here to protect your house with the GAF roofing system. We’ve years of experience in safeguarding roofs from water leaks and other barriers such as rain, hail, snow, etc. For a structurally strong roof avail our services at reasonable prices. When you complete a roof replacement project with us your investment is protected for life


Choose from an exclusive assortment of roofing categories that suit your requirements. Today advanced roofing options provide a robust structure that is highly capable of imparting protection to your house. Our proficient experts will help you in choosing the right type of roof. If you’re looking for a GAF Royal Sovereign roofing which is known for its durability and advanced protection or GAF Timberline HD for ultra-dimensional and unparalleled advanced fortification, avail our excellent services. Our certified experts will help you choose the best roof for your home which is an amalgamation of resilience and beauty. If you’re looking for roofing that has a combination of performance, beauty, and reliability you should definitely go for our services.

Roofing Insulation Services


Gutter Replacement and Installation


Gutters serve as the water management system protecting your home’s roof & foundation from the most harmful element known to a home, WATER! A great water management system channels water off & away from your roof & then moves that water away from your home. Day after day, year after year, your gutters and downspouts are always on call to channel damaging storm water away from the home. Though yours may have contributed decades of faithful, mostly trouble-free service, every installation has an expiration date. If you’re not certain whether or not the time for replacement has come, look out for these telltale signs of failure.

  • Cracking
  • Seamstress
  • Peeling
  • Fascia & Soffit wood rott
  • Mildew
  • Costly maintenance

Gutters come in different varieties and every home has its specific requirements. Which type of gutters need to be installed or replaced depends a lot on the design of the house, budget, and to some extent preference of the client. In our services, we include the installation and replacement of gutters with various sizes, shapes, and prices, that will protect your home from water clogging. If you are not sure which type of gutter to choose, our professionals are there to help you figure out the size or type of gutter that is appropriate for your house. You can choose anyone from the following variety of gutters.

Gutter installation services, replacement, and repair service…


Insulation Installation


Attic Insulation Services: If parts of your attic are randomly hot, or if you feel cool breezes from time to time in parts of the house, your attic insulation could be the root of these fluctuations. Over time, insulation can shift around and create gaps that let in too much cool air, while thick pockets of insulation may retain too much warm, stale air in your attic.

While it’s possible to pat insulation back into place, this type of a fix generally doesn’t last for very long. Changing around your insulation is not safe without a professional who knows how to protect workers from exposure to substances within the insulation. If insulation is old enough to have shifted and created awkward pockets of differentiating temperatures, then attic insulation replacement is your best bet. Our product specialists & installers are certified in the theory & applications of the, “Perfect Attic System.”

Our Attic Insulation services encapsulate an array of house-top insulations that rectify the temperature variation and energy consumption issues of your home. If you’re planning to get your home insulated then get the job done by certified industry professionals. To provide resistance and to protect your home from extreme weather conditions you need a well-insulated home. Keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient by availing REVAMP services. We offer an assortment of Insulation services such as Blown In, Eshield, Batt Rolled, Spray Form, Air Sealing, and Nest Thermostat at affordable price. Our experts will guide and help you find the best type of insulation that would meet your home requirement needs. We use high-quality material and are committed to provide excellent services.


Siding Installation


When it comes to your home’s maintenance, exterior siding repairs are probably not at the top of your to-do list. But when you think about all of the wear and tear it encounters on a daily basis and its key role in protecting your home, it might be time to reconsider the lack of maintenance. Your home’s exterior siding is meant to be a protective layer from weather effects, that is water resistant, and provides insulation, all while adding curb appeal. Here are five signs to look for when determining if your home’s exterior siding needs to be replaced.

  • Mold & Mildew
  • Interior Peeling Paint
  • Damaged Seams
  • Rising Energy Costs
  • Bubbled Siding

Your exterior siding has multiple purposes, be it enhancing the external looks, protecting the house from various weather conditions to improving insulation. Sidings come with several choices and materials. You just need to choose according to your taste and house color scheme. The range covers Insulated Vinyl, Hardie Plank, Cemplank (Nichia) and Vinyl. A siding not only remodel your house exteriors but also maximize its future sale value. We serve your unique needs that complement the look and every aspect of your rooms. But before moving forward, it is important to educate yourself on different siding types and materials that match your budget and complement your home.


Insulated vinyl siding is a traditional vinyl siding along with a lining of compact stiff foam insulation. The gaps behind the siding’s stepped contour are sealed making it stronger and protecting them against warping or any kind of movement. Additionally, it provides a few R-value or insulating features to the siding and makes room for maintaining a uniform temperature in every part of the house…


Bathroom Remodeling


Every home deserves to have a functional and beautiful bath, and REVAMP is the first choice in Atlanta bathroom remodelers. With products engineered for exceptional durability and the backing of the Good Housekeeping Seal, we offer the highest-quality solutions in the industry—at a price you can afford! At REVAMP, we only offer bathroom remodeling services that are guaranteed for a lifetime of value and quality. Not only can many of our remodels be completed in as little as a day, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality to get a stunning bath that fits within your budget! We offer a variety of bathroom renovation services and products for Atlanta homeowners, including:

  • Bathtub Replacement: Crafted from multilayer acrylic, all of our bath products are warranted to never chip, crack, dent, or discolor.
  • Replacement Showers: Choose from a variety of bases, surrounds, doors, and accessories for a one-of-a-kind shower.
  • Bath Conversions: Swap your old tub or shower for a low-maintenance model that repels unsightly mold and mildew!
  • Walk-In Tubs: Get the safety and style you’ve been searching for with an innovative walk-in bathtub.


The term bathroom does not imply any regular washroom. This is one place in your home that rejuvenates your body and relaxes your senses after a hectic day and to start afresh in the morning. Right from cleansing your body, enjoying warm bubble baths to tranquilizing your senses with hot/cold showers, a bathroom is a place where you can spend some time to pamper yourself. We believe that the interiors of this place should be such that it loads you with positivity. Hence, we have come up with a wide array of bathroom remodelling services. Make your choice now and give yourself an exquisite bathing experience.


A walk-in tub is a bathtub that is typically used for the same purpose as a regular bathtub; but however, designed to provide individuals with a safer, more befitting and contented bathing experience. For this reason, walk in tubs are often known as tubs with doors or step in bath tubs. For ensuring safety, a Walk-in tub allows you to step into the tub and then close its door. When the door is closed the tub fills with water…

Why Choose Us?

REVAMP, LLC takes away all of the risk of doing business with a contractor. Our affluent online presence, compiled with our impeccable track record of 100% completely satisfied customers has consistently landed us the title of Metro Atlanta’s premier home improvement & replacement home project provider. After you’ve experienced our smooth process from appointment, product presentation & demonstration, pricing & install, you too will have experienced our industry exclusive formula. It’s actually pretty simple: “Just Do It Right!” 12+ Year...

12+ Year Repuation:

For over 12 years REVAMP has been making Atlanta homes beautiful & functionable again. We are deeply rooted in the community. We understand exactly what it takes. We’ve weathered the storm of the last major recession & we are still here, servicing warranties & bringing smiles to former as well as new customers on a daily basis.

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