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Bathroom Remodeling

Every home deserves to have a functional and beautiful bath, and REVAMP is the first choice in Atlanta bathroom remodelers. With products engineered for exceptional durability and the backing of the Good Housekeeping Seal, we offer the highest-quality solutions in the industry—at a price you can afford! At REVAMP, we only offer bathroom remodeling services that are guaranteed for a lifetime of value and quality. Not only can many of our remodels be completed in as little as a day, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality to get a stunning bath that fits within your budget! We offer a variety of bathroom renovation services and products for Atlanta homeowners, including:

  • Bathtub Replacement: Crafted from multilayer acrylic, all of our bath products are warranted to never chip, crack, dent, or discolor.
  • Replacement Showers: Choose from a variety of bases, surrounds, doors, and accessories for a one-of-a-kind shower.
  • Bath Conversions: Swap your old tub or shower for a low-maintenance model that repels unsightly mold and mildew!
  • Walk-In Tubs: Get the safety and style you’ve been searching for with an innovative walk-in bathtub.
Bathroom Remodeling

Variety of Bathrooms

The term bathroom does not imply any regular washroom. This is one place in your home that rejuvenates your body and relaxes your senses after a hectic day and to start afresh in the morning. Right from cleansing your body, enjoying warm bubble baths to tranquilizing your senses with hot/cold showers, a bathroom is a place where you can spend some time to pamper yourself. We believe that the interiors of this place should be such that it loads you with positivity. Hence, we have come up with a wide array of bathroom remodelling services. Make your choice now and give yourself an exquisite bathing experience.

Walk-In Tubs

Walk-In Tubs


A walk-in tub is a bathtub that is typically used for the same purpose as a regular bathtub; but however, designed to provide individuals with a safer, more befitting and contented bathing experience. For this reason, walk in tubs are often known as tubs with doors or step in bath tubs. For ensuring safety, a Walk-in tub allows you to step into the tub and then close its door. When the door is closed the tub fills with water. Once you have finished with bathing, you can drain the water and step-out. Compared to the traditional bathtub, there are less chances of accidents as you cannot easily fall or slip in a walk-in tub. It is designed in a way in which you can sit in the tub. Walk-in bathtub installation can be a great choice for elderly, kids or anyone with disabilities. It is designed keeping in mind the safety, comfort, and mobility of such people. For a safe and comfortable bathing experience, a walk-in tub is the best option.

  • Benefits of Walk-In Tub installation:
  • Safer and secure than traditional bathtubs
  • Easier to clean and maintain the required hygiene
  • Provides soothing effects to mind and body.
  • It comes with emergency safety switches.
  • The Self-cleaning system repels the bacteria growth.


Enjoy the safe and comfortable bath with a walk-in tub without having to worry about tripping over the edge of a bathtub. You can customize your bathing experience with easy-touch button control. Revamp LLC provides a secured bathing experience for physically challenged people. They offer the best walk-In tubs which are installed by trained and certified experts. They even replace your old tub and install new Walk-In Tubs. Due to the mobility feature, the demand for walk-in tub replacement parts is increasing at an unprecedented rate. You can also upgrade and modify your bathroom now. We offer walk-in tub repair facility and also can fix your leaking tub issues. We have years of experience in replacing and installing bathroom equipment. No matter what the space or budget requirements you have we have an extensive variety of walk-in tubs that will suit your requirements. We also provide after sale-services and will make sure your tub is functioning efficiently.

Bathroom Conversions

Bathroom Conversions


Some homeowners love spa-like tub to relax at their home, and some prefer the convenience of a shower system. Bathtubs and showers both have their individual benefits, but it doesn’t mean it fits and compliments every house. Nothing is more luxurious than soaking in a warm bath after a long day. You can get this luxury through bath conversions and convert your dream bathroom into reality. If you wish to convert your bathtub to shower or shower to tub, then you can opt for bath conversion services. Bathroom remodel can give your bath space an entire makeover without any hassle. Bath conversions are one of the easiest and cost-effective methods to upgrade a bathroom space. If you hire a bath conversion company, they will visit your home, analyze your space and design a shower conversion or tub design that suits your needs and budget. As you know, bath conversions are overwhelming but tedious at the same time. An expert applies a hands-on approach to make the entire process as smooth as possible without producing much mess. They can convert your outdated bath feature into a modern and stylish aspect of your home.


Revamp has years of experience in swapping old tubs for stylish and trendy shower system. We are a locally owned and operated company, which is committed to provide excellence in all bath conversions. We are renowned and recognized for comprehensive remodel and renovation of bathrooms in Atlanta. Whether you want to convert tub to shower or looking for a shower to bathtub conversion, we have expertise in all. Our professionals are factory-trained to provide unmatched services to our clients. When you hire us for bathroom conversion, we simplify your daily routine by freeing space that is taken by unused components. When you connect with us, you get services that are:

  • Affordable: We offer competitive pricing for all type of bath conversions.
  • Durable: Our services once done can stand every wear and tear.
  • Customized: We provide bespoke and custom features in any type of conversion.
Bathtub Replacement

Bathtub Replacement


Bathtubs not only look stylish but also are incredibly durable and resists dent, fading & mildew. But even the best-made bathtubs start failing eventually, and the smallest crack can lead to huge damage if the issue remains unaddressed. There are various reasons behind cracks formation in a tub—lack of proper support, damage from heavy objects and strong cleaners. If you ignore the minutest crack in your bathtub, it expands and forms larger ones, which means more water and moisture gets stuffed inside the tub, making it weaker over time. If you notice the following traits, consider installing a new bathtub:

  • Stained: If a stain is stubborn, it means your tub needs a replacement.
  • Leakage: One of the worst issues you face with bathtub is seepage.
  • Mold: Mold and mildew can cause respiratory problems and allergies.
  • Difficulty: If you face a hard time getting in and out of the bathtub

Many people try replacing and install bathtubs on their own, but removing an old tub and installing it seamlessly can be time-consuming and costly too. So, it is recommended to take professional help to mitigate the cost and replace the whole tub for a new one.


Bathrooms not only supposed to be functional but also must look beautiful. With choices in shapes, styles and colors, you can customize your bathtub and enhance the overall look of your existing space. At Revamp, we offer highly customized and durable replacement tubs. Our experts take detailed measurements to ensure that your bathtub is custom-fitted and looks attractive. If your old bathtub is becoming difficult to clean and some cracks & chips seem to multiply every day, then our installation team will replace your old tub with a brand new at your affordability. We have been providing homes with seamless & top-quality renovations since our commencement. Revamp is one of the best bathroom remodeling company in Atlanta, that provides services ranging from tub replacement to installing a new bathtub or repairing the existing one within the stipulated time. Our professionals are incredibly skilled in completely transforming your bathroom within a day!


Showers Replacement

Showers Replacement


Upgrading your bathroom can drastically improve its appearance and your comfort. Your shower system is a part of your daily routine; it is a place where you get fresh in the morning and unwind yourself after a long tiring day. With a wide range of sizes and patterns to pick from, you can make your shower as unique as you are. An old or cracked shower not only detracts the entire appearance of your bathroom and home but can also impair it further and make it irreparable. Even the newest of the new shower deteriorates with time. Here, you need to hire a team of professionals to upgrade or replace your outdated fixture with a stylish feature that speaks your class. Bath Shower replacement and installation should be performed by a skilled professional who has accurate materials and tools for the procedure. They will help you to find the perfect shower system according to your choice and budget. A professional can help you have a bathroom of your dreams without taking any extra time. Experienced personnel can guide you what suits best in your space and mount it professionally without causing any mess post-installation.


If your shower is moldy, damaged or outdated, we can replace it and you will get your bathroom the way you dreamt of, at your affordability. Our professionals are experienced in transforming your bathroom in a day with zero mess. So, don’t think further because experts at Revamp will help you access your shower with ease and comfort. Our shower renovations are intended to be accomplished with minimal disruption to your daily routine but at the same time completely customized according to your space and requirement. Our experts have hands-on experience with the newest shower products and fitting them in the right direction. We can help you find and install the best shower system that fits your lifestyle and sense of taste. We claim our shower installation services to be the best, with years of experience and keen expertise. Our professionals make sure that the shower is installed on the same day. If you are considering a shower installation or its repair, then give us a call. To know everything about the replacement with a durable alternative or shower panel installation, contact Revamp, and everything from then will be taken care of.



We understand that a perfect bathroom can destress you and refresh your body and soul. Hence, we have come up with the finest quality of bathroom equipment and utilities that not only suit your taste but also guarantees durability. Whether it’s a new bathtub, shower, wallpaper, cabinets or any other bathroom fittings, all will look as good as new till years. You might have had devastating experience with your previous bathroom fittings like cracked or tinted bathtub, rusty and clogged showers, damaged taps, withered or faded wallpapers, dismantled fittings or cabinets, and many more. All this can be frustrating. However, we ensure to change your experience with our advanced and superior bathroom remodelling services and that too at an affordable price range. As you deserve to be treated royally!


Today in most houses people want to get rid of the traditional bathroom set up where a bathtub and a shower were a prerequisite. Preferences changed and this led to the requirement of bigger and spacious bathrooms. Houses with contemporary layout are breaking the stereotypes and opting for spacious and adequately ventilated bathrooms. Some homeowners think that a bathtub can be the reason for accidents in bathrooms, hence they are simply eliminating it from their house plan. All they want is a shower and no threshold or sometimes a low threshold to keep water from spilling all over. If you want to remodel your bathroom then do let us know. We are specialists in redesigning your old bathroom and giving it a modern touch. Don’t worry about the water flowing all over the place in low or no threshold designs. Our professionals are adequately trained to take care of everything.




Hygiene is important for all. It should be maintained everywhere even in bathrooms. An unhygienic bathroom is the home of bacteria and other harmful microbes. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with bathtubs, showers, and wall surrounds that are infused with an antimicrobial agent that prevents bacteria from growing and multiplying. It ensures your new tub and shower surfaces stay fresh and clean. It acts as a protective shield to safeguard you from getting infected by germs. This considerably reduces the usage of chemical cleaning agents. It guarantees complete protection from germs without having any negative consequences on your health. The antimicrobial protection lasts all through the service span of the bathroom product. Enjoy a healthy bathing experience with our bathroom remodelling services.


A new bathroom with brand new fittings looks great but to maintain the look it needs to be taken care of regularly. We make sure that our customers are not burdened with unwanted hassles of draining out their energy in scrubbing the mold out and sterilizing their bathrooms frequently. The products that we use are of superior quality and require less maintenance. Hence there is neither any chance of mold or mildew growth and nor any scope of damage or cracks to be foreseen. Moreover, the shower, bathtub, and other bathroom fittings can retain their new look with minimal cleaning. As for the wall tiles and the floor, by simply wiping the nonporous surfaces, you can effortlessly maintain a clean bathroom space. Therefore, we can assure you that maintaining your new bathroom will be effortless and as easy as a breeze.


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