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Few Things You Should Know About Blown Insulation Installers in Atlanta

Few Things You Should Know About Blown Insulation Installers in Atlanta
30 Jun

Few Things You Should Know About Blown Insulation Installers in Atlanta

When it comes to insulating your home, no other type of Insulation can ever take the place of Blown Insulation Installers in Atlanta as the number of benefits it carries outgrows all other different types. Blowing in loose-fill cellulose insulation in attics and closed walls are hands-down the most cost-effective and applied method. It is excellent for the people who believe in sustainable development as the material used is recycled paper, cardboards etc. Blown Insulation doesn’t leave any cracks; it provides seamless furnish and is outstanding for spot and line treatments. Blown Insulation blocks the entry point of allergens and insects as it fills all the crack even trivial spaces and protects your wall from becoming sturdier. It outstands every time when it comes to improving attic insulation. Let’s walk you through the material, type of blown insulation, pros and cons and method used to install blown insulation in attic or wall to keep your home cozy and free you from exorbitant utility expenses.


The insulation with higher R-value is considered to be best since the R-value is used to measure the insulations ability to resist the heat. The maximum thermal performance needed to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Blown Insulation has R-Value of 3.2 to 3.8, which helps to prevent the flow of heat from escaping the house.

If the R-value is higher, the better the thermal performance of the insulation is considered. Well, R-Value of Blown Insulation is higher. Now you can imagine to which extent Blown Insulation Installers in Atlanta is beneficial for your home.


In Blown Insulation Installers Atlanta, any loose material that particularly has higher R-value is used. The standard material which is used in Blown Insulation is cellulose material. Basically in Blown Insulation stud or joist cavities and attic floors are filled with loose material. The material of Blown Insulation is made from recycled cardboard, newspaper and other wood-based materials; therefore, it is eco-friendly. The blown Insulation material is found to be flame resistant and mold-resistant as it is treated with boric acid and other substances. Blown Insulation involves the use of a hopper or mechanical blower that stirs up the cellulose material with paddles to loosen it and mix with air. Then what the installer does it they blow the fluffy insulation through hoses wherever it is required. The machines used in the process are expensive; hence, you need home improvement professionals to help you out.

Blown Insulation Installer Atlanta

How Is Blown Insulation Installed In Attics?

When Blown Insulation is installed in attics; the insulation specialists consist of two individuals; Insulation experts who move around the attic spraying the loosed-up insulation material across the floor and into cavities. The work expert operates the blower unit from outside the home or from the interior room and takes control of air mixture to keep the tubes blowing flawlessly. They both apply a layer of insulation to a thickness to attain the right R-Value depending on the heating and cooling temperature of the house.

How is Blown Insulation Installed in Walls?

The professional insulation specialists firstly drill two holes in each wall cavity, usually one right about 12 inches from the ceiling and the other 3 feet from the floor. Mostly it is done on the exterior face of the walls, but it can also be done from inside the home, through plaster or drywall. With the help of insulation blower, the experts force loose-fill insulation material into each wall cavity. The holes in the cavity wall are filled with plastic plugs. Don’t worry; it won’t destroy the aesthetic look of your home.

Also, keep in mind that blown insulation is not so perfect when it comes to walls. Specifically, the older homes with old wall have loads of cavities which prevents insulation from filling the cavities.

Blown Insulation Has Disadvantages Too

To install the blown insulation in existing walls, at each stud and on the exterior of the wall, holes are drilled. The holes are sealed with a plug that matches the siding of the home. Caps are tried to match with the color of the siding but fail to conceal the hole which is quite noticeable, and walls look unpleasing to the eyes.

  • Also, after some years blown insulation tends to settle down by a few inches which reduce the R-value, the thermal resistance of the home.
  • Blowing Insulation in a wall causes chaos and unwanted obstruction in the wall such as in a drainpipe, or an outlet box and many more. Which prevents from filling the insulation in the entire stud space, leaving significant spaces with no insulation.

Types of Blown Insulation

Do you have any idea that three types of blown insulation are available in the market such as Loose-fill Fiberglass, Cellulose and rock wool? Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. It totally depends on you, for which one you should go. We would suggest you select the kind of blown insulation by keeping in mind its R-Value.

Revamp LLC Home Improvement ServicesHire Best Blown Insulation Installers in Atlanta

Revamp LLC is a credible and trusted home improvement partner and their services are like a blessing in disguise, whenever you’re stuck with wrecked attics or cavities in walls, then you can effortlessly contact us at any time of the day and night. We are backed by a team of insulation specialists, who can in a matter of an hour blow a thick and comprehensive blanket of loose insulation across all wall cavities, areas of attic or flow. Also, they take all the requisite precautions and maintains consistency in their work. Using the specialized equipment and techniques, they fill the blown material in the desired location.

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